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    Good work McAfee.


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            I know, these are zero day's too,


            I always get bashed by friends who have AVG like saying they have there's free, mine for £50 a year, and it only let one through..


            OFFTOPIC: I am getting unsecured connection to this thread, must be the youtube link?????

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              An useful lesson in the practical limitations of AV software. McAfee performed reasonably well but not, obviously, perfectly.


              There are other videos on the YouTube listing but some of them are longer than this one. A comparison with this one would be instructive.


              The reason for the Insecure Content warning is because the post contains an embedded link to an object, in this case a Flash executable object, coming from an external server.over a non-secure connection. It's not really recommended because it compromises the security of the webpage, as the message says. In this case it's probably ok.