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    Is it possible to perform (require) online authentication on boot?



      When using McAfee Endpoint Encryption - Is it possible to "require" online authentication?


      My "guess" is no, because (AFAIK) even when using AD credentials, it's basically a "synchronised" copy.

      It would also need the network stack to be up and functioning (which AFAIK its not?)

      etc etc


      An explanation of the scenario may help:

      - Protection of data on a corporate desktop PC (not laptop)

      - It "should" always be on a corporate network, but if it's removed (e.g. a user engaged in data leakage) a user would be able to bootup the machine externally.


      I admit the first comment here is likley to be "address the physical security issue", but leaving that comment aside ...


      Is there a way to only allow a device with McAfee EE on it to be booted succesfully if it's in a "corporate environment", but not if it's "offline" or on a different network.

      (I'm assuming a domain logon / credential check, but another "valid" check for a "corporate environent" would be acceptable)


      My assumption is no, but if you have any usefull comments let me know






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