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    Adware-OneStep found

      I currently have a McAfee pop-up window that says "Potentially Unwanted Program Blocked". This potentially unwanted program is named "Adware-OneStep.n". When I tried to click "Remove", I get a McAfee message that says "McAfee was unable to remove this program. Please try removing it using Add or Remove Programs in Windows". However, when I go to Add or Remove Programs, there is nothing listed as Adware for me to remove, and I am unable to close out the McAfee pop-up window that tells me about this uunwanted program that is blocked.


      I currently have Windows 7 and I have the AntiVirus Plus subscription through McAfee.


      Any suggestions for how I can remove this Adware program and close out the McAfee pop-up window?

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          Hi Jordaninski,

          I think you should read this; https://community.mcafee.com/docs/DOC-1294

          But first you might want to do this;

          With this particular threat, you'll need to start by disabling System Restore. This one definitely gets into those restore points and uses them to reinfect your computer.


          1. Click the Start button, then click Control Panel.
          2. Double-click System and select the System Restore tab.
          3. Check the box beside Turn off System Restore.
          4. Click OK and restart your computer.

          If you're problem isn't solved, you can post back, if this is the answer, can you mark it as the answer.


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            Peter M

            Moved to Malware Discussion > Home User Assistance.


            Try running McAfee in Safe Mode after disabling System Restore temprorarily.


            Safe Mode is reached by tapping FD8 repeatedly while booting up.


            Then go to Computer (Vista/Windows 7), My Computer (XP)


            Right-click the hard drive and select Scan.


            All you'll see is an icon near the clock.  Hover over it for a report.

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              I disabled System Restore, went into safe mode and did a McAfee scan. Attached is a copy of the scan report that shows it detected the Adware-Onestep.n.


              Then I downloaded and ran Stinger in safe mode. Attached is the Stinger report where it says my computer was infected with the FakeAlert PCVirusless cirus. The report said number of infected files: 1, and number of files cleaned: 1.


              When I restarted my computer in regular mode, I'm still getting the same McAfee pop-up window that says I have the Adware-OneStep.n that is blocked.

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                Hmm, you can try to restore the file and run Malwarebytes, it might get rid of the Adware.

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                  Actually, right after I posted my follow up question, I looked around the discussion board and found the Malwarebytes software in another discussion. I downloaded it, ran a scan and it found a bunch of Adware files that I deleted and now the McAfee pop-up window is gone!


                  Thank you for your help!



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                    Hi Jordaninski,

                    Glad you're problem is sorted out.

                    Good Luck and stay safe!


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                      Please help me!!

                      I have paid to have Adwear-one step removed and it has returned twice...

                      after getting my clean p.c. back i ran a scan and went on firefox then facebook.... surely this can lead to the virus returning?

                      I have cleared my internet history and restored firewall settings.

                      I have windows 7.

                      I have tried the system restore and can not find that box (im pretty sure i was on the wrong thing)

                      Also Malwearbytes doesn't find the virus but i see the people i paid used it to success.

                      How do i remove it and stop it coming back? I can not afford to pay again.

                      Please help me,

                      Thanks, Jade

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                        Peter M

                        Jade, obviously something yoiu are doing is bringing it back or it never actually left.


                        Download Hijackthis and post a log on one of the followinjg forums for expert free advice.


                        DOWNLOAD HIJACKTHIS



                        Do not post Hijackthis logs here, we can't help with  those!



                        Post the logs at a specialist Forum:









                        MAJOR GEEKS






                        MALWARE REMOVAL






                        SPYWARE INFO






                        Be sure to read all the sticky announcements/instructions at the top of each malware forum!

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                          Just wanted to say that I found this thread invaluable as I had a similar problem this week with "Adware.Onstep.l"


                          The information you have given me helped me resolve this problem!   Running McAfee with the system restore disabled didn't work for me.   In the end, the free Malwarebytes software did the trick (in safe mode,  with system restore disabled).   McAfee is no longer telling me that I have a potentially unwanted program.  I'm very relieved!    My computer is also working much faster than previously.  I am guessing that Malwarebytes found other issues that were slowing down my PC before the Adware arrived ...


                          Thanks so much !

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