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    New internet connection problem


      Hello all,


      I've lost my wimax service as the carrier has discontinued it.


      I am now trying to setup a Rogers Sony Ericsson W35 Rocket Hub with the SG560, and I'm not having any luck.


      I'm wondering if anyone might set me straight.


      It worked nicely on it's own.


      I've disabled the DHCP and wireless on it.


      I've got A1 as the lan, A2 unused, A3 is guest wireless to an external access point, and A4 to my slow ADSL. The wimax was on Port B.


      The SG560 is at I set the W35 to


      The SG560 DHCP is to 124


      I connected it from one of it's 4 ports to Port B. I've tried to use it as direct connection and cable modem. Neither seems to work for me.


      I'm not that good with this stuff...IT by default in a small family business. ;-)


      If anyone has suggestions I would really appreciate it!




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          I sorted this out on the weekend. All I had read said I should turn off the device DHCP and wireless before connecting. I did a factory reset on the device and left everything turned on, and now the SG560 finds and used this direct dhcp connection.


          Now I have a problem I had not anticipated.


          This device is with ISP #2. My DSL is with ISP #1


          None of my mail will go out due to server settings.


          Is there some way I can tell all mail to go out through the ISP #1 server without changing all the client settings?




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            network sutup -> routes -> policy routes


            you can route traffic out a specific link based on either source & destination address and/or port number.