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    MS08-067 - First Worm Exploiting unpatched systems in the Wild

      More evidence that the initial buggy and trojan horse based attacks are being refined by the bad guys into a true Internet based worm :eek: If you haven't performed a Windows Update since October 23rd, it's important to do so immediately.

      [B]MS08-067 - Worm Exploiting unpatched systems in the Wild[/B]

      QUOTE: Code building on the proof of concept binaries that were mentioned last week has moved into the wild. We've received the first reports of a worm capable of exploiting the MS08-067 vulnerability. The exploit payload downloads a dropper that we detect as Trojan-Dropper.Win32.Agent.yhi.

      The dropped components include a kernel mode DDOS-bot that currently has a selection of Chinese targets in its configuration. he worm component is detected as Exploit.Win32.MS08-067.g and the kernel component as Rootkit.Win32.KernelBot.dg.
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          A malware package orginating from China now offers an exploit for Windows MS08-067 security vulnerability patched in October. This product is sold in the underground markets for around $37.80, although the license notes this tool is for pentesting only. All corporate and home users must stay up-to-date on security patches, as some vulnerabilities are being actively exploited.

          MS08-067 Exploit - Featured in Chinese commercial malware kit
          http://www.avertlabs.com/research/blog/index.php/2008/11/14/exploit-ms08-067-bun dled-in-commercial-malware-kit/

          QUOTE: Probably the most widely reported topic in the Chinese Security community this month will be the availability of a commercial MS08-067 attack pack, customized for Chinese users. On October 26th, 2008, exploit code was posted on to a well-known public repository site. In a few days, malware kit author, WolfTeeth, was quick to sell a MS08-067 port scanning tool with attack capability to his “customers”, using free code from the Internet.

          Both kits offers a free version, and a commercial version with enhanced features including:

          • Kernel rootkit.
          • Anti-virus software termination.
          • Weekly anti-virus detection monitoring and evasion service.
          • Web DDOS attack option