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    EEPC 6.1 Features



      Any info on additional features provided but the 6.1 release?  We're currently deploying EE and will put it on hold if 6.1 brings any additions.  In particular any additions in relation to removable media encryption?




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          Why not enrolling into 6.1 beta? You may read all related documentation, release notes and also try it yourself?

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            removable media protection is not part of EEPC, for that you need to participate in the Endpoint Encryption for File Folder program - the current version is 3.2, and uses EEM for management. There will be a new version this year (EEFF 4) which is integrated into EPO, but we're not publishing any dates for that at this time.


            EEPC is not going to protect removable media for you though, neither EEPC5 or 6 has that intent.

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              Thanks for the reply,


              So if we have a user whos PC is encrypted with EEPC and they copy files to a USB drive there is no part of EEPC that will protect those files?  They are now decrypted on that drive?  When I looked at EE on the McAfee GSL there was an option to encrypted removeable media in the same location you chose what local drives to encrypt, I assuemed that was part and parcel of the same product ie EEPC?


              Many thanks


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                EEPC5 has an option to treat removable media the same as fixed disks, but then you will be able to read those sticks ONLY on the machine which encrypted them. If that's what you need, then great - most people need the additional flexibility to read them all over the place though.


                For that you need EEFF - I don't know what a "GSL" is though, but it may be that you bought a combined package including both. If not, you need to talk to whoever you buy things from re an upgrade.