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      I need every help I can get to remove Adware-Onstep b from my computer. I have McAfee, spybot, malwarebyte, scanned with all, but only McAfee detects it, but can not remove. How can I get it off from my system? any idea?

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          Have a read of this

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            Peter M

            Try scanning in Safe Mode with System Restore turned off..  To do that tap F8 repeateady then select Safe Mode from the ensuing menu.


            Once in, go to My Computer (XP), Computer (Vista/Windows 7) and right-click the hard drive and select "Scan".


            All you'll see is activity in the notification area by your system clock.  Hovering over the icon will give you a progress report.

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              Thank you for your help. Unfortunately it didn't work. I followed your instructions religiously, but no luck.

              I've called McAfee support, one guy took over my computer, but was not able to remove it. The second didn't even consider a try, offered a special package for $89. This morning I've called Dell support, the software support is $139 for one time and $239 for a year.

              I'm not sure what to do at this piont other than go to sleep some.

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                As a last ditch solution;

                I think you should read this,

                Then post here.

                Some of them are experts in malware, and know the ins and outs of ComboFix.

                If you sort out the problem, would you kindly post back, with the findings.

                Thanks and Good Luck!