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    MVT and Privacy

         The McAfee Virtual Technician has verbiage that states it does not collect personally identifiable information. Can I correctly assume, then, that nothing in McAfee Virtual Technician "reads" or transmits information from documents or emails on the computer?  I understand that MVT may scan and transmit information about my PCs system properties, but I want to confirm that no other data from documents or emails is affected.


         Thank you for clarifying. My apologies if this seems rather obvious, but sometimes privacy statements are a bit unclear to me.


         Best wishes!

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          Peter M

          Correct, it only reads the basic system information and the McAfee products.


          The McAfee Virtual Technician will collect certain system information from your computer in order for the program and McAfee Support personnel to diagnose and resolve any problems related to your McAfee software.  The system information collected from your computer may include information regarding McAfee products, operating system information, browser information, physical memory, system architecture, virtual memory and such other information as is required to resolve a customer support issue.  The information collected by the program shall not include any personally identifiable information.  If you do not agree to McAfee collecting such information please exit this program.



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            Thank you for your helpful reply. I very much appreciate your confirmation.

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              Peter M

              No problem, all the best.