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    ePO - Move to New Hardware


      ePO 4.5.0 (Build 937)


      McAfee Agent 4.5.0. (1499)


      I have been working with McAfee Support to reduce my ePO database. It is currently over 30 GB. Attempts have been futile, and support feels the DB is corrupted. They said I could take it up with Microsoft (SQL 2005) or start with a new DB. I decided to go with the latter option. I'm also going to take this opportunity to move ePO to new server hardware. I am not bringing over the DB, but the question is what else can I bring over to the new server? What about the security keys? Do I need to just export from the old and import on the new server? I can use the same name and IP address for the new server. The most important thing is for all my existing McAfee agents to report to the new server. I assume I have to rebuild my system hierarchy and master repository, which I don’t mind. Any recommendations is very much appreciated.



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