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    Trouble with Installing Server Certificate from Domain Certificate Authority

      Hello Everyone!


      We have one ePO Orchestrator 4.5 installation, and on a separate server we have a Certificate Authority (on Windows Server 2008 R2).  Our goal is to install a certificate from our domain CA such that we can access the ePO web interface without certificate errors.  Unfortunately, the documentation appears to be very sparse on how to accomplish this task.


      I understand that we go to ePO Menu > Configuration > Server Settings > Server Certificate; and click "Edit".



      Here it asks for:


      Certificate (P7B, PEM)


      Private Key (PEM)


      In the most basic form, my question would be: where do I find these files?  (or: what is ePO expecting as input?)  I can export a .p7b file from the ePO server certificate store, but this does not come with a private key (PEM) file.


      Any assistance with this would be great.  Thank you all very much for your time,