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    Mcafee keeps deleting a file that is not a virus.

      Mcafee obviously thinks its a virus, but its not.


      Anyway, I have this program, xclient.exe, I'm trying to run it, and every time I unzip it from is zip file, Mcafee goes in and deletes it.


      I've tried to restore the file.

      I've tried to exclude it from scan.

      I've tried to add it to firewall allowed.

      I contact tech support, they took over my computer, and told me to submit to Avert.

      I contacted Avert. I submitted the file, but they don't allow for an explanation of what I want.

      All they did was scan it and tell me it was a virus, I already knew that from Mcafee scan.


      Either way I want to get this file excluded from Mcafee scan, so I can run it, its not a virus, and even if it was, its on my computer, and i want to run it.


      So if I have already been to support, and already been through AVERT, now what am I supposed to do, dump Mcafee, and go to a competitor??????