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    EE 5.1.3 and 5.2 MSI's are running

      We recently upgraded the servers to EEM 5.2 with some clients running 5.1.3 and others running 5.2 with the goal to upgrade all our clients to 5.2.  We use group policy to deploy the clients.  Our GP's had some permission issues so some of the encrypted 5.1.3 clients also had the 5.2 client install.  Now I have machines with both clients on them. When I click the tray manager and show status it is blank.  My research reveals that the tray manager is now 5.2.  After performing a sync I navigate to the 5.1.3 install directory and open the log file, it shows it can still communicate and update when needed.  I am trying to get my machines back to just having 5.1.3 installed.  Can anyone help with this?


      So far I have attempted the following...


      1. Disable boot protection
      2. Decrypt the machine
      3. Open command prompt on broken machine navigate to the 5.2 install directory and run sbsetup.exe -uninstall
      4. Reboot machine
      5. 5.1.3 does not work now and I notice that the Tray manager directory that gets created has been deleted
      6. Open command prompt then navigate to the 5.1.3 install directory and try to run sbsetup.exe -uninstall, no love


      One other thing to note is that after removing 5.2 it still shows in Add/Remove programs.


      Any help is greatly appreciated...rebuilding machines is NOT an OPTION.

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