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    Help with Tags in ePO 4.5


      Is is possible to create and apply tags to ePO system tree objects based upon the logged in user's group membership.


      I am relatively new to ePO (having previously worked with the McAfee products acquired from the Secure Computing merger) and have been tasked with the job of installing and configuring an ePO server, installing agents, and deploying some endpoint solutions (such as VirusScan Enterprise to replace our existing in-house AV implementation).


      The computer objects have been successfully populated by way of a synchronisation process with our active directory environment and I have created a basic system tree group structure which I think will suit our requirements. I then began to look at the tagging functionality and thought this could be useful as (without having to create a separate group these endpoint machines) I could use tags to uniquely identify those machines used by the support team and then configure variations of my VSE policy (such as access to the GUI) where my colleagues & I would be able to access the VSE GUI whereas the other users in the company would not necessarily have access to this function. Looking at the Tag Catalog screen, I could create a tag with criteria based on qualifying usernames (as there are only 3 of us in support, isn't a major task), but wondered if group membership could be used?


      If not, does anyone have any possible alternatives that could allow for group-based tagging so that subtle policy changes can be applied to an endpoint product based on the tag value, rather than having to rely on extra system tree groups?


      Many Thanks.


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          Attila Polinger

          I think the tag can only be applied to any properties that a client reports to the ePO server. If group membership is among them, the tags can be applied.

          If not, well, there are 4 custom property fields in the ePO database for a computer, but as far as I know those need to be filled manually (ie. with SQL script or similar) to any value. They perhaps could be used to hold user membership data in some way....and referred to in tag criteria...





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            Thanks - clearly I have a lot to learn about ePO, but I will get there in time.