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    McAfee Cleanup

      Hi, I have got a problem with removing McAfee, I have downloaded clean up but it ran incomplete.

      I have attached my log




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          I would redownload MCPR and rerun it this after a reboot.


          Will point a tech to thread if above not work

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            Hi, I have tried to redownload MCPR it still did not work, I have attached the log

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              This not the beta by chance? Will get a high level tech to look at your issue



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                no, this is not a beta version

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                  Hi Daria,

                  Could you please let me know the following information;;


                  How is your computer connected to internet ? (dsl/wireless/cable)
                  Do you encounter any issues while reinstall McAfee applications ?


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                    Hi Dinz,

                    My computer is connected through wireless,

                    I did not reinstall any applications, I wanted to remove mcAfee. I have downloaded mcpr twice, but it did not work

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                      Hi Dinz, I have got wireless connection.

                      I have not downloaded any applications.

                      I have tryed to download mcpr twice, but it did not work

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                        Hi Daria,




                        I sugessest you to try these steps to check if it helps.


                        Can you try deleteing the McAfee folders from below mentioned locations and try running MCPR again.


                        IN Xp:


                        C:\Program Files\McAfee

                        C:\Program Files\common files\McAfee

                        C:\Documents and setting\All users\application data\McAfee


                        In Vista & Win 7

                        C:\Program Files\McAfee

                        C:\Program Files\common files\McAfee

                        C:\program Data\ McAfee


                        the files may have been hidden so enable the hidden files and folders options from Tool> Folder Options> View


                        Also please navigate to

                        In XP:Start> All programs> Accessories>System tools> Scheduled Tasks and delete MCCleanUp if you have any.

                        In Vista  it sold be named as task scheduler and delete MCCleanUp if you have any




                        Run Mcpr once the restart the computer and run it again. let us know how it goes!!!!


                        I believe cleanup incomplete happens because of some very older traces or permission issues in the Computer.




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                          Hello Daria,


                          Sounds like there are some issues in Windows Installer, to resolve this issue please follow these steps:


                          1. Log on to your computer as an administrator.
                          2. Click Start, and then click Run.
                          3. In the Open box, type cmd, and then click OK.
                          4. At the command prompt, typemsiexec.exe /unregister, and then press ENTER.
                          5. Type msiexec /regserver, and then press ENTER.
                          6. Restart the computer and run MCPR again


                          Try the above and let us know the status