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    False Positive

      Actual Filename: ZForever.exe


      Developer Name: Intellect-Service


      Application Name: Best Zvit


      Application Version: 8.96.000


      Website: http://bestzvit.com.ua/


      Application Purpose: Accounting software


      Direct Setup Download for rar archive containing exe file:



      It is a false positive that this Accounting Software is a virus. It’s just a secure/packed file from not being altered.


      Please take some necessary steps to make this file clear from your virus list or blacklist.


      Waiting for your response.





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          First sorry but we do not like files posted in forum Can you please zip it and send it password protected (infected is the pssword) as follows. When they reply saying it is infected reply back asking for a review.

          Submit a Virus or Malware Sample

          How to Submit Virus or Malware Samples to McAfee Labs
          When submitting a sample to McAfee Labs for review, you may use either of two delivery methods:

          • McAfee ServicePortal/Platinum Portal
            This is the  preferred method for McAfee Labs to receive submissions from Platinum  and Gold Customers. When you use this method we can process and respond  to samples more rapidly. You’ll find instructions for using the McAfee  ServicePortal/Platinum Portal under McAfee KnowledgeBase ID KB68030.

          • Email
            You may submit samples directly to McAfee Labs by attaching the file(s) in an email to virus_research@mcafee.com.  When submitting samples via email, you must archive them in a  password-protected Zip file with the password “infected” (all  lowercase). For instructions on how to create a Zip file and password  protect it, see these articles:

          Using WinZip

          Using Windows File Compression

          Submission Information
          To help us speed the sample review process, please provide the following information along with your sample:

          • A list of all files contained in the sample submission, including a brief description of where or how you found them
          • What symptoms cause you to suspect that the sample is malicious
          • Whether any security products find a virus (tell us the security  vendor, its product name, the version number, and the virus name  assigned to the sample)
          • Your McAfee product information (product name, engine, and .DAT version)
          • Any system details that may be relevant, including operating system and service packs

          Finding Samples to Submit
          McAfee KnowledgeBase Article KB53094 can assist customers in finding malicious samples on their systems.

          What Not to Submit
          Please do not send  screenshots, anti-virus or HijackThis logs, or prefetch files through  McAfee ServicePortal/Platinum Portal or email. Send only the suspected  malicious files.

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            Moved to Artemis.



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              Updated the attached file

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                Until someone from that department spots this you might was to send an email message to virus_research@mcafee.com headed "False Artemis!143D1C73BEE5", minus the "" of course.


                You could also put an explanation in the body and a link to this thread.

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                  So did you email it?

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                    Yes, I did. I got the answer:


                    >McAfee Labs - Beaverton                                                               

                    >Current Scan Engine Version:5400.1158                                                 

                    >Current DAT Version:6225.0000                                                         

                    >Thank you for your submission.                                                        


                    >Analysis ID: 6464777


                    >File Name            Findings                       Detection                    Type         Extra

                    >--------------------|------------------------------|--------------------------- -|------------|-----

                    >zforever.exe        |inconclusive                  |                            |            |no  


                    >inconclusive [zforever.exe]                                                                        

                    But virustotal.com says:

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                      Have you told them it's false?

                      It may take some time for the person to correct this FP.

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                        Yes, I have told them today.