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    SIGH can't get rid of event Viewer Erros for 516, 10010 McAfee (mfehidk)

      https://community.mcafee.com/thread/13632?decorator=print&displayFullThread=trueHere is a annoying Event Error Log that I simply cannot find the right solution for.  I had an previous issue "fixed" by a McAffee Tech support person that I gave permissiuon to do a remote Desktop with (Not the Windows OS one, McAfee's program).  He seemed to have cleared the first issue fine (THANKS!)


      Now there is this problem


      McAffee Security Suite is having the following Event Errors/Warnings. 
      Previously, The real time scanning kept getting shut down and I had to turn it back on like clockwork.
      The previous Chat initiated: #615501732 | Was supposed to have been fixed,
      but the following showed up on next boot up.  I had been trying to find a solution during the interim.

      I couldn't get a solution on my own.
      This error repeats 3 times in a row.

      Log Name:      System
      Source:        mfehidk
      Date:          1/12/2011 9:57:24 AM
      Event ID:      516
      Task Category: (256)
      Level:         Warning
      Keywords:      Classic
      Process **\MCSVHOST.EXE pid (1744) contains signed but untrusted code, but was allowed to perform a privileged operation with a McAfee driver.

      Log Name:      System
      Source:        Microsoft-Windows-DistributedCOM
      Date:          1/12/2011 9:57:15 AM
      Event ID:      10010
      Task Category: None
      Level:         Error
      Keywords:      Classic
      User:          N/A
      Computer:      BarJabba-Home
      The server {5A90F5EE-16B8-4C2A-81B3-FD5329BA477C} did not register with DCOM within the required timeout.

      This component is a McAfee's SiteAdvisor so it seems (Go Here for a link)

      I have one other unrelated error to get rid of.  This issue is something that will not seem to go away.  I have yet to try disabling Site Advisor then rebooting.  If that works, then ~Bye Bye~ to SA.


      Thanks to whomever can help me erradicate the annoyance.




      So, here goes  with the only way to respond. Edit my own Post.

      1.    How old is your computer?

                     NEW Built mid 2010.

      2.    Since when exactly this started happening?

                     Just after install "New" version on New Windows 7 x63 OS.

      3.    What is the version of McAfee installed in your computer?

                     Newest possible. Can't Access "About" in new McAfee Navigation. Like this posting system, hard to use.

      4.    Where you able to succeed by disabling Site Advisor?

      No, not yet.  I will right now.  Maybe get back to me via email or at least help me with responding to threads.  I see no way to simply respond.  I am signing in et al...  I know this has been belated, because I gave up on this posting system.  I came back to try again.


      I am having the Event error #516 arill comming up about 5 times at start up.  The 10010 one hasn't come up since doing live Desktop Connection with McAfee tech support.  (2nd try and getting ready for 3rd try).  Hopefully you can get this response if I can somewhow notify you of it.  Will come back with another update on SiteAdvisor.




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