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    The same Message/Alert appears


      This thread is for discussing an issue where the same message appears over and over.

      An example would be that you get a message you were just updated and you are offered a video. You watch the video and eventually the same message displays again later.



      In order to assist you we need the following information:

      Version of Security Center:

      1. Open Security Center
      2. Click navigation
      3. Click About
      4. Get the build number under McAfee Security Center

      Operating System

      Type of install (Trial, CD, Web, Other (Please explain))

      Description of the message

      Screenshot if possible

      Number of times you have seen this same message on the same machine.

      Frequency of the message

      Can you easily reproduce the issue? For example, it always displays 5 minutes after a reboot.

      Specify if you have reinstalled between messages.


      In order to stay on topic, complaints will be moved to the appropriate thread. https://community.mcafee.com/thread/31782

      We look forward to assisting you.


        • 1. Re: The same Message/Alert appears

          Okay, my build number is 10.5.221 and I purchased my new subscription from McAfee, and got a CD in the mail, which I used to install.  I get the exact message box you are showing here, asking me to watch a video, etc. I always say dismiss because I have watched the videos. I have been on the internet today for about 2 hours and have the box has popped up twice.  There seems to be no rhyme or reason as to when it pops up, but maybe at least once each time I log on. This is the only computer I have and I can't say for sure the frequency of it appearing, but it is enough to be aggravating.  I never had it until I renewed my subscription when it was close to expiring.  I havened uninstalled McAfee and reinstalled it.....mainly because I see that many people have done that, and it did not correct the problem.  Thanks for any assistance.

          • 2. Re: The same Message/Alert appears

            The same message (unwanted McAfee popup) which you have displayed with this thread has been occuring for three months.  The frequency of the popup is totally random (sometimes three or four times a day; some days only once).  It can interrupt any application, and since I limit the cold and hot reboot operations, I doubt that these functions cause the popup.


            I had installed McAfee Securiity 2010 last year via CD.  I never had the problem during the use of that version of McAfee.  In October of 2010, I renewed my subscription and received the current security software via a download.  The popup has been a constant problem since that download.


            The Version is --10.5

            Build -- 10.5.221


            The operating system is Windows Xp / Service pack #3


            As stated above, the install was accomplished via a download from McAfee.

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              McAfee Information




              Build #:     10.5.221  (Security Center)


                              14.5.130  (virus scan)


                              11.5.141 (firewall)


                     (site advisor)


                              11.5.141  (anti spam)


                              12.5.113  (parental controls)


                              10.5.111  (quick clean and shredder)


                              2.5.137    (on line back-up)




              Op Syst:          Windows 7




              Type Install:        Web




              Desc of Msg:      “Your McAfee security software has just been upgraded...” (see screenshot below). The pop-up opens up, filling the bottom right 20% of my monitor screen and does not go away unless I click on “Dismiss” or on “Learn More” or on “To learn more, watch this video.” I have clicked on them all at different times and have watched the idiotic video a half dozen times already. I am trying to conduct business and this is obnoxious. I need someone to correct this immediately. PLEASE!!




              # Times Seen Msg:          20-30 since January 11th. It is not January 15th!!!!!!




              Frequency of Msg:          5-10 times per day




              Can I easily Reproduce the Msg:  It is always present a few minutes after I start up the computer in the morning, but after that, it is random and periodic.




              I have NOT reinstalled in between messages.










              Something must be done about this. I cannot continue to work with this in my way all the time. If the problem persists, I will have to cancel my subscription and switch to another company's program, but I have been with McAfee for many years and do not want to do this, but if you can't fix this, I will have to.


              PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!

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                Just wondering if anyone has tried to click learn more, and close the page after that, see if it pops up after that...

                • 5. Re: The same Message/Alert appears

                  In response to your question, I have tried the "Learn More" path many times over the last three months, searching up and down the index, looking for some way to stop the irritating popup but to no avail.  McAfee should give all of us a free year subscription to Norton's antivirus software.  At least they control their software when a problem is reported.

                  • 6. Re: The same Message/Alert appears

                    I have also clicked the Learn More button, watched all the videos, etc. and thought maybe that would keep the program from sending me the popup box, but it didn't.  Actually I watched the videos another time also, to make sure I didn't miss anything.  Still the crazy box comes up, very random, but irritating.  I wonder if it has anything to do with updates.....like when McAfee checks for updates and automatically loads them; could that be why the popup box comes up?  It still is too often, though.  Hope they figure something out soon.

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                      Pls allow me to make another suggestion.  Since McAfee is having difficulty in their attempts to suppress the numerous (unwanted) popup screen that offers a "learning video for the available features", why not just modify your basic software by suppressing any and all generations of this screen until you resolve the problem?  Issue this change in your next update; your ticked off subscribers will be happy; subscribers that need help have other avenues to get assistance.


                      I thought you had resolved the bug since I did not see the screen for almost 48 hours (starting 1/12) then it started again yesterday but only once.  Then today it started at 8:37AM and has reared it's ugly display every three (3) hours.  Pls help, I am running out of bourbon.

                      • 8. Re: The same Message/Alert appears

                        I was about to post a "thank you" note on this thread to your tech support staff, for stopping the dreaded McAfee video popup offer.  But after a few days of uninterrupted PC operation, the aggravation is back with a vengance.


                        McAfee offers subscribers protection from external system corruption and then inflicts their version of a trogan horse.

                        • 9. Re: The same Message/Alert appears

                          Same problem here. It is a real nuisance. I have watched the videos twice but obviously that has nothing to do with stopping this popup.


                          Where is the "Don't show me this message again" option for this popup?

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