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    VSE 8.8 Release Date

      I have been waiting for VSE8.8 for a few months now (and delaying an upgrade to Office 2010 until release) and have seen the date move from "Q4" to "The end of December" to "January 2011."   Are there any McAfee folks out there who can give me a sense of how confidant McAfee is in the January '11 commitment?  I have some decisions to make and need to have a better understanding of what to really expect.


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          January looks very attainable at this time.

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            [Applauds the candor and the answer. ]

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              [provides polite golf-clap for the answer]... 


              I appreciate the feedback - and my hope is that I can read in to the answer that it WILL be out in January but that some pointy-haired-manager type will not allow anyone to commit...  just in case.   Assuming that this is the case - well - then full applause for the response - and a boo/hiss at the pointy-haired-manager....

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                Be fair, McAfee are being reasonable here.  It was originally supposed to be out by the end of 2010, but a compatibility issue discovered at the last minute scuppered that plan.  There's always the possibility that another showstopper bug is found before the end of January.


                Let's hope that McAfee have learnt from their experience with VS 8.7 (basically unusable until Patch 1 was released) and that VS 8.8 will be suitable for widespread deployment on release.



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                  Agreed with the call to be fair -- this is simply the way any decent software company works by necessity.  They can't give you a solid answer because no one knows a solid answer on when it will ship.  Suppose at this point it's in a QA cycle where people are testing it (thoroughly, we customers hope),  hopefully some sort of software security assurance is occurring as well perhaps by the QA team, perhaps by a dedicated security team, perhaps by third party consultants outside the development and QA organizations.


                  If you promise to the public a specific release date, suddenly there's lots of  very bad unhealthy pressure to ship even in the event QA or software security review finds a show stopper.

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                    Sorry if I ruffled feathers...didn't mean to.  I said what I said with a wink and a smile and I DO appreciate the response that was given - even if it was not as direct as I would have liked. 


                    FWIW - I am a project/program manager leading software integration projects - I understand customer pressure for deliverable dates and the uncertainty that development effort brings.  I also understand that what technologists want to say and what they are told to say are not always the same thing - and that very often "pointy haired" folks (like myself) tend to be non-comittal to protect themselves even when it impacts downstream decisions for those who are consuming what they build.


                    For those who don't get the "pointy haired" reference - look up Dilbert...



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                      Having been bitten by software that has shipped to meet schedule,  I very much appreicate complete testing.  It should ship "when it is ready"  not "on deadline".   Please get it right the first time.

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                        The other thread might've stolen the thunder, but -


                        We are making preparations to post the product today... VSE 8.8, in case there was any confusion.

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                          Good news!  Thanks a bunch...

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