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    Policy route question

      I need to have all traffic from a certains erver go in and out a certain interface in an SG720. So I made a Policy route:

      Type: Forward

      Incoming Interface: Any

      Source Address: Server1

      Destination Address: Any

      Services: Any

      Gateway: Port C


      what I'm trying to accomplish is that all traffic from Server1 moves via PortC

      I enable the rule but when I do Whats My Ip.org from the server it gives me the PortB address.

      Any ideas?

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          your rule is good.


          two things come to mind that can break this


          1. current connection tracking table. if you setup a policy route for traffic that was on another link and timeing out, the connection tracking table will continue to send it out the original link. A reboot is required to remove the entry in the conntrack table that is timing out ( default timeout for tcp is 6 days )


          2. you are using http and the access control proxy is enabled. you can fix this by changing the rule to type=OUTPUT

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            thanks! working beautifully