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    epo 4.5 database collation



      I have EPO 4.5 Patch3 server running ok with 1,500 workstations and I have noticed that the database collation is not the same in the mcafee installguide. I have database in a remote server with sql 2008R2 and the collation is "Modern_Spanish_CI_AS"


      Mcafee says:

      The only database collation supported by ePolicy Orchestrator is the U.S. English default: SQL_Latin1_General_Cp1_CI_AS.


      My question is : I have to change the collation or leave it in modern_spanish?




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          Unfortunately it's a complicated process to change a DB's collation after it's installed. Personally I would leave it as it is for the moment: if it appears that everything is OK, then I would leave it alone.

          Most of the issues that we have seen in the past that are related to collation issues are centred around date functions - for example, events would stop being processed after the 12th of each month - so if you're not seeing any issues like this I would leave it.


          If you really want to fix the collation issue, I would strongly recommend against trying to change the collation of the existing DB: instead I would reinstall ePO to a new SQL server with the correct collation.


          HTH -



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            Ok! Thanks! I'll leave it at the moment. I have no problems so far!



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              Sorry to return on a old thread, but i got the exact same problem, and im working with support. In fact im waiting for them to call me back.


              In my case, the server collation is SQL_Latin1_General_Cp1_CI_AS but the epo database is Latin1_General_Cp1_CI_AS. I got problem with Policy auditor content download, and foundstone import of asset in epo. It's complaining about incorrect collation.


              If i backup the DB and create a new one, and the restore, it's not going to work right ? It cannot be that simple. ( i'm hoping it is ).

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                Nope, I'm afraid it's not that simple at all   The collation is an integral part of the DB and the data it holds, and as such it would be preserved in the backup.