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    Installation of VS8.7 Uninstall Apache 2.0.57



      I migrate some servers from Trend Micro officescan to Mcafee VirusScan 8.7 (deploy by epo server and manage by EPO agent 4.5) .

      On 3 servers with Apache 2.0.57, i had the surprise, to see that VirusScan has uninstalled Apache, what's is not so convenient on web servers...


      I've actually reinstalled Apache and both apache and Virusscan seem to work fine, is there any workaround to avoid unexpected uninstallation of apache when pushing VS8.7, and to prevent any other problem between apache and virusscan ?



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          Laszlo G

          It looks like Trend Micro officescan also installs apache automatically so perhaps VSE detects some traces of its installation and uninstalls all Trend Micro components including the apache server. If this is the problem then it may be caused by the VSE installation script included that removes incompatible software and must be upgraded by McAfee?