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    License problem; can't manage computers.

      I've tried to find other threads relating to the same problem, but all the answers I read were more or less 'contact this, that'. Let's keep this short:

      Bought a Dell laptop in August 2009, been using McAfee on it since it came with a 3 year subscription. Had a few problems here and there when I was switching workplace (would not recognize computer as the one McAfee was originally on, blablablah.), but I managed to get around them by deactivating the license I was using at one place, and reactivating it at the other (Always on the same computer).


      Problem as it stands today: software is deactivated, just like if I was missing a license. Should still be available until August 2012, although everytime it boots, I almost get yelled at to renew it. Can't deactivate my current available license (says it is in use, hasn't been for quite some time, laptop wasn't used during the holidays) : trying to do so simply asks for confirmation, and then nothing happens. All old deactivated licenses are still displayed ( as deactivated ) and all are on the same computer. Said computer had a reinstallation of McAfee, that didn't change anything.


      What extra info could I add?

      Running Windows 7, most of the time hiding behind dynamic IP's, problems started last Fall, tried to contact Customer Support, said it wasn't their field of support. Cannot view current 'active computer' IP address via the license page, link is broken/doesn't work.


      Any help from someone who had the same problem would be greatly appreciated.