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    Help Remove Trojan Virus

      Hi everybody,

      I have trojan viruses for month, and I could not remove them from my system.

      I used full scan method in Mcafee but at the end it showed me an error message: "Failed to create IDispatch".

      When I ran it in a Safe Mode the "Real-time scanning went off", then I used Super Anti Spyware Professional and it showed me "the potential unwanted program" then when I removed them all the McAfee gives me the same error message where ever I click in the program interface.

      Then I used the online scanner "Safety Scan for Windows Vista and Windows 7" : http://onecare.live.com/site/en-us/center/whatsnew.htm

      And it showed me the attached message.

      My Machine is DELL studio XPS 16

      Windows 7 64x

      I really need help to remove these trojans and can work on my machine.

      Thanks in advance.



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          Peter M

          Read this especially the bit about scanning in Safe Mode.




          Of course it is also possible that they were false findings in which case read here:




          You might want to run a scan with an independent anti-malware application that is actually installed on your machine so I recommend the FREE version of THIS one but update it first before running.

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            In Msconfig I found  one of mcafees parts was not working under services and when I set it to enabled the idispatch error went away. Scan works great now

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              That's good. I think MVT should have detected that, which is why the techs always make a point of asking if you've got the latest version of MVT installed and if you've run it. Any bit of McAfee that gets switched off for any reason will cause a problem somewhere, sooner or later, but you might not know it's switched off until the problem shows up.

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                Peter M

                FixItNow - what part wasn't working in MSConfig?    An interesting discovery and I should pass that on

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                  Sorry to report when I went in to check the McAfee file in services in msconfig that I enabled, it was at the very bottom of the list of all services  and when I just went there to see the name of it, it was either gone from that spot or moved from that spot up into the group of mcafee programs . And like some of us particulary me I didn't pay attention to the file name which is so common with me. Like darn.

                  Though if any McAfee file isn't enabled in services in msconfig it should be checked for this issue. Believe me if I get this file in msconfig again located at the bottom of services it will be written down. Had to of been one of the ten McAfee programs running in my services.



                  Also had a Idispatch error on my desktop dell xps 410 and it fixed it by using system restore because I couldn't find a file not enabled for mcafee.

                  The best I can say is to restore your pc to  the date of (01/12/2011) Possibly caused by one of windows critical updates though I can not be positive.

                  Below is the effected programs that the restore did and it had alot of critical updates between the time period of now and the 12th,  Though if this fixes it for you make sure to run windows update again to see if everything works ok in McAfee.

                  program drivers that will be deleted

                  Mozilla firefox (3.6.10)(en-us)

                  PowerDVD DX 8.3.6029

                  Programs and drivers that might be restored  These programs might not work correctly after restore and might need to be reinstalled

                  Feedback Tool 1.10

                  Game Maker 8.0

                  McAfee Security Scan Plus

                  Mozilla Firefox (3.6.13) 3.6.13 (en-us)

                  Power DVD DX 8.3.6107

                  Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor 2.0.5000.0

                  I appologize for not following the rule of thumb and that is to write and map everything I did to correct or return something . grr

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                    Peter M

                    McAfee Security Scan Plus should be uninstalled if you have the regular McAfee installed.


                    FixItNow - you have posts all over the place, try to stick with one thread.  Like this one:  https://community.mcafee.com/message/170313#170313



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                      I tried the Stinger scan and found FakeAlert Trojans.


                      However, the problem of "failed to create IDispatch" still exist, how can I solve it?

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                        If you can't get your mcafee to work because of "failed to create idispatch" error then you could try uninstalling it and using the free microsoft essentials which are free and are made to work with windows OS. I know some that is all they have ever used and have never had any real issues with anything. Price is right any ways.


                        Learn what idispatch is to understand it to fix it. Probably somewhere in administrative tools and maybe under data sources (ODBC), Maybe under DNS System. Just a start .


                        Idispatch discription



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