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    VSE 8.7i Patch 4 instalation steps - dilemma



      According to installation instruction from "Release Notes for McAfee® VirusScan®Enterprise 8.7i Patch 4" document, if I'd like to add new patch for VSE I need first check in package manually in the ePO. After that I need to install extensions VIRUSCAN8700(195).zip and VIRUSCANREPORTS(154).zip.

      Can someone explain to me, why should I do it, and what will happend if I don't install those extensions.



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          If you don't install the extensions, your ePO reports as you drill through the hierarchy may not be accurate, you won't get tabs you care about regarding product updates and being able to select branches to pull them from, Mcafee may declare your installation unsupported, or it'll drag out support contacts because you're off the beaten path in a configuration they aren't doing qa/testings against, and/or the patch may not deploy at all.