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    EEPC 6 ready to use yet?

      Hi all,


      I havent really used EEPC 6 in over a year since it came out, but i do remember when it came out there was no upgrade path from v5 and there were also a LOT of issues with it which even McAfee employees which i spoke to about it informed me that it wouldnt be a good idea to install it into a live environment yet.


      I see that the version we are up to is 6.0 patch 2.   so just two patches on is the product in a better position to advise customers to upgrade yet?  is there a EOL date for 5.2.x yet?  Is there an upgrade path yet?


      Any advice greatly received as I would like to start using it but I have to be 100% that things are working exactly like they were in v5.  ie some customers do not have AD, i know the first version of the EPO version could not work without AD so has this been resolved yet? I was told at the time it was going to be in the next version (6.1 i was told) over a year ago.



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          6.1 is still the version you will be able to upgrade to - it's just about to start a final beta phase, so if you are interested in it, you need to talk to your McAfee rep.


          Whoever told you that the requirement for AD would vanish was misinformed - Yes, it may expand to encompass other directory services, but unlike EEM, EPO does not have native user management built in, so you MUST have an AD at the moment, and in the future, depending on market demand, it might be possible to use another directory, at the moment though AD is needed.


          6.02 though is the current stable version - people seem to be reasonably happy with it - certainly NEW users are happy, people used to EEM/EEPC5 though miss some of the more exotic features.

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            thanks for that.  Will probably hold off for 6.1 to be honest.   What sort of "exotic features" are missing ?  And will they be making a comeback in 6.1?  From what i remember from when i looked it it many moons ago it was missing quite a bit and the functionality was pretty basic compared to EEM.

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              No, we're not planning to make it a clone of v5, functionality will grow, but the market's not the same as when v5 was created - people seem to want simpler products now, just a big red "easy" button so to speak. That means a lot of the more complex stuff has to be dropped.

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                ok thanks for that.  to be honest I didnt think that v5 had many features which would be considered complicated.


                could you provide a list or point me to where a list is which compares the features of 5 which are missing from 6 so that I can use this to explain to current 5 users who are wanting to upgrade to 6 (because it has a bigger number more than anything else)