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    McAfee SaaS Version 5.2.. The way ahead.. A long one !!!

      Hi folks,



      A happy new year to every one.



      I have been using McAfee SaaS 5.2 on a few machines now and have been using it the moment it reached the beta stage. Initially I liked what I saw but now trouble seems to be brewing in paradise.

      :- There should be  a way to UPDATE the McAfee software when the console is already open. It gets extremely irritating to only have the update option available just with the tray. I just dont understand why McAfee acted so lazy to just skip including an update button in the console.

      Suggestion:- Please add the update now button in the console. Come on, this was already suggested and requested for in the wee stages of the beta.

      2} QUICK SCAN:-  Well I know we are talking about a Small Business suite and quick scan options are mostly seen in jazzy, feel good home user software. But lemme assure you that A lot of small business owners as well as home users also use this product. As a result of the McAfee software preloaded with Dell( mine came with that one too) and HP machines, the number of home users using this software is quite high. Moreover, whats wrong in having a quick scan option ??? You can either have a Full scan or a Custom scan but I would LOVE to have a quick scan option just in case I wanna run a lil scan to see if I am doing good but at the same time dont have the time to sit through the complete scan.

      Suggestion:- Please include the Quick scan option. It can be very handy.



      3} SCAN TIMES:- Let me talk about something which is good already. I dont know how many users in the forum have observed this but this product uses a very impressive caching technique. When you run a scan for the first time, it would take about 1.5hrs on an average to complete but the moment you run a second scan or a third scan, those would complete in less than 10 mins. Thats IMPRESSIVE !!! The software utilizes the cache technique well but ONLY until the next update happens.The moment you update to the newer DAT, your software again gets back to its sloth like self yet again.

      Suggestion:- Please add the whitelisting to the cache on a more concrete basis so that atleast that helps in the scan. The software should onlyrefresh the cache if there is a lot of activity happening in the system files or else, should retain the cache.

      4} SCANNING MEDIA FILES and COMPRESSED FILES:- I have raised complaints and requests about this. I just dont know why a .MKV file ends up confusing the brains out of of this lil software. All media files get scanned in a flash by every AV software I have used including the McAfee( The good old days though) but not anymore. You throw in a few movies of just ~450 MB size and see McAfee do the magic. You can actually go pick up your kids from school and you will see still a few files remaining to be scanned !!! For gods sake, Its a media file. Just like any other .AVI or >MPEG For that matter. Please do something about this and its the same with an ISO file or MSO.CACHE files.

      Suggestion:- Similar to the caching technique used with System files, why not cache the bigger and bulkier movie files and scan them only when a movement or activity is detected ? Because, more often than not, if a user has a collection of media, he/she may not necessarily access it all the time. Its more to do with having them as data so whenever there is an activity, refresh and scan those files and yes, McAfee definitely needs to optimize the scanning technique for media files.

      5} MISSED SCANS:- I really appreciate the way McAfee loyally and excitingly goes about doing the missed scans. But hey, hold on for a while. A few minutes may be ? The moment the comp boots up and when the other programs are still loading, the good old McAfee kicks in the scan thus prolonging an already longer boot time.

      Suggestion:- First things first. Please have the missed(scheduled) scan happen atleast after 15 minutes and PLEASE force an update check before the scheduled scan. More often that not, the software may still be using a DAT from yesterday. Whats the point in running the scan with the same set of DAT files ? Wouldnt it be nice if the software by default forces an update check and then goes about doing the scan ? 

      6} POLICY MANAGEMENT:- McAfee says " WE MANAGE YOUR SECURITY FOR YOU SO THAT YOU CAN CONCENTRATE ON YOUR BUSINESS". Well, Really ??? I dont think so. I am sure when a novice computer user invests money in a hosted suite, he/she expects the best of the breed technology and policy settings but is McAfee delivering ? Please log on and check the McAfee default policy:- The Scheduled scan is DISABLED !!! You gotta be kidding me. Really, is there no need for an on demand scan atleast once a week ? Thats not all, under the Virus and Spyware component, the Spyware component is set to PROMPT. This increases the chances of the user getting himself infected very easily.

      Suggestion:- Please enable the scheduled scan and schdule is once a week. Also, how about having a lil tutorial/guide to let the users choose the time and day when they want the scan to take place?  Please switch the Spyware protection module to PROTECT and NOT PROMPT. When you as a security service provider say that YOU are managing a user's security, then live up to the task and the brand name. Such a meek policy will do a very poor job in protecting the users and  will also end up tarnishing McAfee's name.

      7} CUSTOMIZABLE POLICIES:- Now, one more thorn in my flesh has been this. Its is observed with the computers where the Firewall component has been installed and are under a single group with the same policy activated, I have to literally GO ON ALLOWING EVERY OTHER APPLICATION. Come on McAfee, If I have put all the comps under one policy and when one of the comps already has a list of USER APPROVED applications, just percolate the same to the other comps. Is that a Herculean task ??? It is annoying, irritating and disgusting to keep allowing the applications to access the internet on each comp.

      Suggestion:- Please update ALL the user approved applications from 1 computer to the other existing computers in the Policy. Just like how your Rumor technology works ? Please identify which computer has the maximum or the newest allowed applications and then send that information to the client computers through the update path without bothering the user. Not just this, I would love to see McAfee follow suit with what others are doing. The various software from the competition have this little analyzer which automatically whitelists all the generally used programs and only bothers the user with something uncommon.


      I am not a Hot shot techie. I am just a simple user with a passionate interest in Antivirus software and the malware. I did my bit to report the problem areas and suggest whatever made sense to me but I really hope the top brass of the McAfee Engineering is reading this and would see what needs to be done. I am a McAfee loyalist and will always be glad to be a part of forums, discussions and conference calls to suggest and opine but yes, in the end I want a better and safer world and want McAfee to be my savior from all the bad guys..

      Cheers !!!

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          Any takers so far ???


          Or am I the only one whining and lamenting about the McAfee SaaS software here ???



          Its an earnest request. McAfee as a company needs its loyal customer base to support it and help it get back on track. I am sure there are lots of customers who have stuck with McAfee through good and bad. All I am requesting to every1 is to get back and post your individual opinions so that we have a good thread where McAfee can look for suggestions and improvements.



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            Wow, I am amazed. 390 views and not a single response.


            Is McAfee really losing its ground among the subscribers or are people way too fed up with McAfee to even bother finding out and expecting the improvements that are required in the McAfee software ?




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              Hi Sameer - Thanks a lot. Regarding "7. Customizable Policies", can you elaborate bit more with the problem statement on what your expectations are from "firewall" point of view along with your suggestion?

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                Finally - What a relief


                Well, What I meant with that statement is  this :-


                If I create a policy called Firewall and have applied it to 2 computers already, Now, when I applied it for the 1st computer, the moment it tried to access the internet, the firewall would seek my permission to allow or block the programs which would go about accessing the internet. Depending upon my requirements, I would grant the access. Everything is fine TILL THIS STAGE.


                Now when I am adding the second computer to the policy, the McAfee firewall should BY DEFAULT, ALLOW the applications that I authorized from the 1st computer. ONLY the new applications should be subjected to my approval. By doing this, McAfee will do the users a HUGE favour because as you see, if I am deliberately applying a single policy to a set group of computers, chances are that I would more or less be using the same set of applications. So, if the firewall checks back with the Secuirty centre and automatically creates an ALLOW rule for the applications which have already been authorized by the user himself, that will result in a win-win situation for the user and McAfee



                Please let me know if I can be of more help. I would love to write and talk as much as I can and take part in the product development and contribute with whatever I can

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                  Okay, understood. Honoring administrator/policy defined firewall application outbound settings in "admin managed prompt" mode has already been discussed and prioritized for a future release of SaaS End Point Protection. Thanks for this suggestion.

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                    are people way too fed up with McAfee to even bother finding out and expecting the improvements that are required in the McAfee software ?


                    You got me :-)

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                      Sounds good. Will watch out for that. Also, like I said. I will be more than happy to take part in the product feedback, beta testing and the whole nine yards.. Please contact me if I can contribute more.



                      Thank you



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                        But I would still say that we may have been fed up but we do have a certain liking towards McAfee and inspite of the issues we have been experiencing, we still continue to use McAfee, dont we ?


                        So why not get together and contribute towards a beter product ?




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                          Hi All,


                          Please be informed that McAfee has released the new upgraded v5.2.1 of the McAfee SaaS endpoint protection.


                          This version completely resolves the issues like High CPU usage and Upddlg.exe, MFEAnn.exe issues, firewall blocking the VPN connectivity issues and most of the issues that were occuring due to the McAfee SaaS software.


                          This new version is being rolled out region wise. If you want the upgrade immediately then please uninstall and reinstall the software. If you have more than 1 license and not be able to uninstall and reinstall, please wait for the automatic roll out of the upgrade.





                          Pritish P.

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