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    Fail to deploy ePO agent after apache listen to 1 specific IP

      I am using Win2008 server SP2. This server is planned to installed both ePO and WSUS. So I assign 2 IPs to the server, 1 for ePO (e.g., other 1 for WSUS (e.g.


      I installed ePO 1st and I change the file D:\Program Files\McAfee\ePolicy Orchestrator\Apache2\conf\httpd.conf to listen to only for port 80 & 443. Everything work fine except it fail to deploy agent to clients.


      The server.log give the below error once I deploy ePO agent:

      20110111180704 E #2616 NAIMSRV  Failed to send http request.  Error=12029
      20110111180704 E #2616 NAIMSRV  Push Agent Installation Program to HKGCP3-OCS01 failed, will not retry
      20110111180704 I #2616 MCUPLOAD Successfully disabled CA trust options.


      Once I revert the httpd.conf to listen to port 80 & 443 to both IPs, I can deploy agent without problem. But it would make my WSUS not working since the IIS cannot start.

      Can anyone help to solve this problem?


      Alex Hung



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