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    Unexplained agent re-install and failure to match in EPO. Duplicate and EEPC troubles

      I do have a McAfee ticket for this, but I have had good feedback from this site in the past so I will try again. We have EPO 4.5, latest patch, current agent etc. We have suffered with duplication for various reasons over the various versions in the past, but it has never been a huge problem as most of our machines have the same settings anyway. We have addressed various issues though along the way. Now we DO have a problem because we are trying to roll out Encryption. The lastest one for PC that interacts with EPO. The problem duplication now causes us is that is a PC gets a new agent sends the data to EPO and creates a duplicate, that duplicate entry has no Encryption users assigned to it. The PC then gets that new information back and removes the locally held list of users. The users reboots and cannot log on. We have boot protection, which means we can't even connect remotely etc. Nasty.


      So now we need to fix duplicates. I am looking at one PC. It re-installed or regenerated the agent for no apparent reason one morning. This then also failed to match in EPO, even though the system name was the same. There is no indicationn in the agent log as to why it did this agent jiggle and I cannot see why is does not nmatch on hostname (or system name as it says in EPO). We seem to get about 10 duplicates each day, but I have not trended anything yet. I see nothing in the audit log or system log to suggest why this has happened. The user did not push the agent and there are no tasks set that should have done so. Even if it did reinstall for a good reason, I am at a loss as to why it did not match in EPO.


      Like I say, I have a ticket with McAfee and we are at the first MER stage having discounted a number of options. So, any thoughts out there ?


      Those that are rolling out EEPC6 BEWARE !!!!