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    mcafee tech support dont know what they are doing



      I recently brought a new computer that had the misfortune to have mcafee installed on it.  Obviously since everyone has problems with your software, I have been no exception.


      Following a search of your site, use of your mvt tool which by the way doesnt even work, and then 3 hours dealing with various online chat people you managed to leave my computer in a far worse state than it was when you started.


      I've since asked for them to have someone who isnt reading a crib sheet in a remote call centre, and who isnt in technical support to call me back to deal with the following issues:


      1) Your product does not work.  It doesnt even attempt to identify configuration issues, it just stops, as does your diagnostic tool.


      2) Your technical support staff dont have the faintest idea what they are doing or how your product works.  Believe me, the 3 hours I've spent dealing with them and watching them go through an ever worsening process of trial and error that left my computer completely unusable, is probably more than the customer support director has ever spent dealing with them.


      3) My subscription to your product needs to be extended by you for however long it takes you to find someone who actually knows the product and can fix the issue.


      4) Having spent half an hour last night attempting to relay to your call centre worker, who does not speak the language I requested (English, by the way), and having been called back briefly by his co-worker today who suffers the same problem, I'd like someone from the APAC head office who knows what they are doing to get in touch.


      As things stand I'm advising everyone I know, including the IT director at my workplace (currently licensed for over 20000 installations of mcafee) to get rid of this product.





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          I have asked or rather pointed the customer manager to your post.


          While waiting and he is on US work times

          1. Post operating system and PC details.

          2. What were the symptoms?

          3. When the techs tried to assist did they give you an SR number is so post it.them here please it will assist the next guy.

          4 I assume they uninstalled the program? If so I also assume they used the MCPR program.

          5. I assume no other AV programs installed?

          6. Re subscription extension how many days have you been on this? May not be elegible unless it is substantial however I copied my request to one who can help re that request, maybe...

          Have a read of what I told this poster (the first part at least)




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            Thanks for your interest.  To answer as many of your questions as I can:


            1 - OS and PC details: Windows 7 Pro, on a Dell inspiron 580s desktop.


            2 - What were the symptoms: mcafee cannot update itself, the update fails as does mvt without giving any meaningful messages.  Neither has ever worked.


            3 - SR Number: None given.  I have the online chat token still, the first being DLZ3ETmKFc24.


            4 - Installation / MCPR:  Yes, despite my express request not to they went ahead and uninstalled the software, then ran MCPR, then couldnt reinstall the program at all, leaving the PC open to anyone and everyone.


            5 - Other AV programs: You are correct, there are no other AV or firewall programs running at all.


            6 - Length of problem: This software has never worked.  I started it on the new PC when I connected it on 28th ish of December.  We're nowhere near a resolution today, so it's looking likely I'll have lost a month at least out of the 12.


            Pretty much I'm at the point where I'm thinking it might be time to post the disk back to mcafee and ask for a full refund - every time I call I'm promised a call back, it never happens.  Every time I log on to their web chat thing I get another badly trained minimum effort techie who has been sat infront of a computer in India without being given any idea how they might go about using it, and they then repeat exactly the same steps the others did, break my pc in the same ways, and then tell me they'll get someone else to call me.  Which takes us back to the part where no one ever calls back.






            Update:- Thanks for the link to the other discussion.  Much of that has been attempted already - up to the point where the download button doesnt effectively download the software on my pc - I've since tried it on another computer running XP that I rebuilt from scratch last night, and it doesnt work on that either.  I know neither of these machines are virused as one is brand new and the other is freshly rebuild from a disk partitioning upwards.


            It appears to me that mcafee may be conflicting with my router which is a Cisco linksys.  I belive this as there is nothing else in common between the two computers mcafee fails on.  Would be nice if mcafee could develop a professional quality product which could detect this and prompt the user to make any required changes to the thier routers - as it is I still have no idea if that diagnosis is correct, but since neither mcafee or their mvt tool can download data despite the websites being added to the IE allowed sites list and since they are both from mcafee and both are the only programs which cannot download on either computer, I cant think of anything else that could be the issue.



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                I just came across this post, and as it's gone 5am here I won't be able to do too much to help; but I have a hunch you may be right about the problem being Cisco-related. There are several threads in the archive mentioning conflicts, but there's no common theme to them. I think it depends what Cisco software you're running on the PC.  The threads mention VPN, VPN Client, CSA, ASA - none of which means a lot to me, I'm afraid. Could you have a look and tell us what Cisco software is running?


                It may be that the Cisco forums might be able to shed some light on this - see the list of McAfee-related posts here


                Your Dell came with the McAfee Home/Home Office product installed, I suppose? I ask, because some of the Cisco-related problems only occur with McAfee's Business product (different code underneath, I guess). But Dell's version is not the standard vanilla product; it's customised in ways I don't fully understand, so you may perhaps also need to refer to the Dell documentation that came with your PC - a process that I've had to follow more than once with my PC (also a Dell) to be certain that a problem wasn't a Dell-inspired one. There is, you will not be surprised to learn, an extensive set of Dell forums as well - see http://en.community.dell.com/support-forums/default.aspx for the list.


              I won't attempt to suggest anything until I get the information about Cisco.


              Tony (Peacekeeper), who was dealing with this, may not be able to help you for a day or two (the phones and power have been cut in Brisbane because of the floods), so I'll do my best to fill in. Apologies if I'm not as knowledgeable as some of the others here.

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                No worries, any help I can get is great!


                There isnt any Cisco specific software running, its just a stock Cisco router running the latest version of the firmware that was produced for it before they stopped making that model last year (its a WAG54G2).


                I've had a good read through both sets of forums you suggested - although I'll read them in more detail as I go.  Neither seem to have the answers.  I'm fairly convinced its a mcafee issue still as it is the only product which doesnt work - I'm going to experiment with either AVG or Kaspersky tonight as both are free.  If either one works and can update I think it will prove where the issue is.


                I'm starting the process of switching my home ISP as well, which will result in a new router being used and new ISP hardware being installed in the exchange - so basically by the time I'm done with that everything but mcafee will have been replaced.


                Good luck with the floods Tony / Peacekeeper - I'm over in WA and it does not look good on the news.






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                  Okay Steve, I'll get a few hours kip then investigate further. I reckon it's got to be the Cisco - one of the posts mentions Cisco blocking/interfering with a specific McAfee file. If it's one of the core files then the whole McAfee package would be stymied.


                  Tony's offline and not answering his phone. He was posting up to about 12-15 hours ago. Seemed to be a bit worried but not panicking, then just stopped posting. We all hope he's okay. I'll do my best till he gets back.

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                    Every1 writes me off only over my son's putting a new roof gutter on.. the floods are not near me though they came within two meters (elevation)of my son's place. This was a different water course than what you read/see on the news that problem is bad and caused by the Brisbane R and its main feeder rivers.


                    Peter yes I seem to remember a Cisco issue back a bit . I know Mcafee hates proxies so I wonder if there is 1 setup in the Router or the ISP ?


                    An ISP should fix things. Good luck you could get a call from an US tech but really I feel we might be onto something. I ahve 3 copies installed (2 beta 2011) and another 7 on family PCs all install fine so to get your issue points to a clash ,


                    We will find out the cause soon...

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                      Hi guys,


                      So my current (soon to be previous) ISP say they arent doing any filtering and dont have anything blocked at their end - although when asked they didnt know how they might go about checking that.


                      I dont get my new ISP and non-Cisco router until the end of January, so I'll get back to you all then and let you know if that was the issue.





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                        Ok will see  what then brings. You sure you have not a proxy being used?

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                          Yeah I'm certain I'm not using any proxies.  iiNet I wont speak for....


                          Before asking for assistance from mcafee in the first place I'd reinstalled and reset the router firmware and settings, checked the traffic on and off the pc in question with wireshark to ensure the router wasnt configured to do silly things with any of the ports required, and reinstalled mcafee.


                          With the mcafee mvt not working either - it downloads ok, but it doesnt run properly - I'm guessing some sort of conflict or something my ISP are doing that they say they arent, as thats the bit I cant verify.  Would have hoped mvt would test each requirement for it to run first, and log failures somewhere accessible which would give any reasonably competant computer user an idea of why it fails, if it does in fact do that I couldnt find it.


                          If Windows Update or Kaspersky or AVG were also failing it might well be proxy or firewall, but they all seem to work fine - or at least they did until my broadband stopped working last night for the changeover....    2 weeks without the internet, hope I survive.


                          Thanks again to everyone for their time with this so far, I cant believe you guys who volunteer are so much more knowledgable and speedier than mcafee, who still havent returned any of my phonecalls.





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