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    Numerous Gustav and Hanna Relief Web Sites Emerge

      As individuals desire to help those in need later after major events, numerous sites have emerged. While many of these newly registered sites are for sale, some are also set up for fraudulent purposes.

      It is always advisable to contribute to mainstream charity organizations, including the Red Cross and Salvation Army. If a special website is established later, folks should carefully select and verify that they have keyed in the proper website address.

      2008-09-01 Marcus Sachs Gustav Part III

      2008-08-31 Marcus Sachs More Hurricane Domains

      2008-08-30 Marcus Sachs Here we go again - Hurricane Relief Sites

      QUOTE: Remember three years ago when hurricanes Katrina and Rita hit the US Gulf coast? On the day Katrina hit New Orleans hundreds of donation sites appeared online, many if not most were scam sites. Well this time around it looks like the people who like to register domain names in anticipation of a storm's arrival have already started registering them for Gustav and Hanna.

      I'm not suggeting that they are up to no good, but simply pointing out that the rush has started and we need to make sure our users are aware of the potential for scam sites appearing online in the next few days. I checked several of them and the sites i viewed are just parked with a "for sale" sign on them. Nothing wrong with that, but it's only a matter of time before the "donate here" buttons start showing up.