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    McAfee updates cripples PES2011

      On Jan. 9, 2011 there was an update to the McAfee Virusscan engine and the DAT file. After the next restart of my PC, I noticed that real-time scanning was blocking the execution of my PES 2011 videogame application (pes2011.exe). When real-time scan is disabled, the executable immediately launches and the game plays normally. This only happens for the PES executable, as all my other games play normally.


      The game is genuine (not a pirated copy) and does not register as a virus or something, it just seems that McAfee causes my CPU to be at 50% load every time I try to run the game. I had the file scanned by McAfee, but it doesn't even show up as a false positive. The application never executes with real-time protection on, McAfee just takes up half of the CPU cycles doing nothing, until it's turned off, at which point the game launches instantly.


      Just another point, I use a game add-on called "Kitserver" that links up to the pes2011.exe file and temporarily modifies the game's database. I've been using this program's various versions for the last 3 years (since PES 2009). It's a well-known add-on used by maybe millions of PES players. I'm only saying this, in case McAfee doesn't "like" the fact that a 3rd party program is modifying a well-known .exe file and tries to kill the process.


      Anyway, has it happened to anyone else? Will it be fixed? Can it be fixed? Point is, I don't want to have to disable my virus protection when playing PES and there's no way I'm disabling my Internet connection while I play (to keep safe), because I regularly play matches online. Plus, I'm once again frustrated with McAfee after it pulled something similar a year ago with some other programs I was using...


      My PC is running Windows 7 32-bit.



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          Please try the following and let us know if that helps you…


          1.    Add the PES2011.exe application in Firewall Permissions and make sure it has Full Access

          2.    Click on type Run>type MSCONFIG> Click on Startup> Click on Disable All> Click on Services (make a check mark on Hide all Microsoft Services) and Disable All the unwanted services except McAfee and other known applications

          3.    Reboot the computer and check the game

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            Hi, i have same problem with pes 2011 (but only with 3rd part ''Kitserver'' installed), just i used windows xp.

            I have permit full access in firewall permission.

            I have also try with msconfig, etc etc.

            But the problem persists.

            With real time scanning desactive its all ok. !

            But when real time scanning working, i cant check the file ''pes2011.exe'', because pc enter in guru mode.

            The old version of mcafee software, allowed skip real-time control of single files,but the lasted version have miss this 'nice'' function

            Someone can help me ?

            Sry for my bad english



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              Well, I had already given it full access in the firewall, but I deleted that and re-entered the file for full access. Then I tried the MSCONFIG suggestion, still didn't work, CPU usage went up to 50% again. In short, no change. Then I un-linked KitServer and PES worked with realtime scanning on. Linked it again, re-entered it for full access in the firewall and it wasn't working. So it must be that McAfee doesn't like KitServer because it modifies a trusted .exe file or something. But it doesn't register KitServer as a threat too. It's like this program is in limbo: not a virus - but McAfee doesn't let it execute anyway.


              Can't McAfee whitelist KitServer or something? It's a very well known program and I don't like the fact that suddenly my antivirus bricks a program that poses no threat, for no particular reason.

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                Hi there,


                Probably there is at least one suspicious file or program that is linked with Kit server or PES2011 you will want to submit. Please try submitting both the exe files to http://virustotal.com and check if its detected malicious !!! Also, submit samples to McAfee Labs as it provides the fastest turnaround time on sample reviews and provides historical data for all samples that you have submitted. Go to http://www.webimmune.net and create a free account to upload files for review.


                More information about WebImmune can be found at: https://www.webimmune.net/faqs.asp.

                And if the files are deemed to be  false postive, they would be whitelisted. Please keep me posted on this .





                Dinesh K

                McAfee Online Community Moderator

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                  Hi Dinesh,


                  I submitted all files associated with KitServer to virustotal. They had all been submitted before and all came back negative for threats.


                  Then I re-submitted them to webimmune and they all came back with "inconclusive" results. I am now waiting for a more thorough analysis and will check back with this thread once I have a final answer.

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                    See below



                    on 1/18/11 11:17:58 AM CST
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                      Finally, some good news (I think?)


                      The scans from  webimmune still show as inconclusive, but: Last night I wanted to play  PES. The disc was already in the drive (as always), so I forgot of my  daily routine of the past few days (disconnect from the internet THEN  turn off real-time scanning, so pes2011.exe can run) and just clicked on  the desktop shortcut. And the game started normally...


                      I  don't know what happened, if it was a known glitch, or my post actually  made McAfee aware of the problem. It may well have been completely  random, although I hope it isn't. The point is, the game runs normally  now, after updating to DAT 6228.


                      So, I hope the same goes for davidefp and anyone who might have the same problem.


                      Thanks for your time. Let's hope nothing similar happens again.



                      on 1/18/11 11:18:19 AM CST
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                        Thanks for taking your time to reply back the status. Much appreciated. .

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                          Yes... for me too now PES work good ^^... Well Done and THX

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