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    Performance slowness issue

      Dear Sir,


      Many of our customer facing the problem that machine has having slowness & the performance is degradng issue, they are not using any additional application or any other service, their minimum daily usage is microsoft documents only..........


      The product they currently using,


      McAfee EPO 4.5 Patch 3 with 8.7i VirusScan with (patch 4)


      Using operation System,


      Windows XP with Service pack 3,

      Windows 7

      Windows 2003



      kindly give the solution for this issue






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          Hi Krish,


          How did you pinpoint McAfee products as the problem? Do oyu have logs, error messages, performance reports? Are all users facing the same problem? are all users in the same network? are all affected users using he same platform OS? Are they facing problem when they are working on any particular application? are the files being worked saved on the network or on local pc? 8.7P4 was updated over any exisiting version? or is it a new installation? what's the CPU, memory and paging usage statistics during performance degradation?


          Please post details. Then someone will be able to help




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            Shereef !!! thks for ur reply,


                         Ya because after uninstallation of the products seems gud performance,We notified that in Windows platforms,we don't have reports and all,many of the users facing this problem only, ya all the user's are in same network  & same OS platform , most of the user's using only microsoft office only but they also suffering, if they use some of the application lyk AutoCad or some other etc application their performance of the system is very slow.....


                   Most of the files saved in their own pc only, some of the user's r saving in network pc....

            Before itself we have implemented McAfee it is not an new installation....


                  * CPU has 1 GB of RAM

                  * Its an P4 machine

                  * Pageing file is default only.........




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              Any of the people to clearify this issue,







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                Hi Sir,



                "40% usage of CPU by McAfee causes PC performance slow down"


                From last few days, I am getting this issue repeatedly from some of my users. So, I request you to kindly provide the solution for the same.



                Best Regards,

                Nishu Gupta

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                  wow resurrecting an old post from 5 years ago, I guess the search function works lol.


                  Which tasks are you running during the slowdown, or is it OAS (on-access scanning) - do you scan on read and write, or write only...


                  A little more info would be useful