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    Licensing and deployment.

      Hi! I just want to ask how licensing is done with the Web Gateway Security appliance. Example. is it per IP or per concurret user? How will i know what is the right number of licenses if not all nodes would be accessing web gateway at the same time? Also, our current company network is spread over a metropolitan area, comprised of offices with highly varying user counts . What wold be the best deployment plan, a single high capacity appliance, or individual, smaller machines per location. Thanks!

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          Hi there,

          The Web Gateway appliance is licensed per user. malware scanning is separate license and is expensive. The reporting requires a separate software called web reporter. There is a free version available that offers limited reports though. The renewal costs are also bit expensive since the hardware is OEM DELL. What do you want to do with it? If its only web filtering, go for mcafee web filtering software which offers more flexibility (in appliance, you are limited by the no. of physical ports) compared to the appliance in both deployment and management. If your requirement do require web gateway, I would suggest buying the software version and installing it on your own hardware. Before you take a decision, get a THOROUGH PoC done. I strongly recommend it.

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            Thanks! Actually i was tasked to dig up info to create a preliminary comparison matrix of available gateway solutions. Licensing is seldom discussed in the downloadable datasheets so i had to ask around, the reason i subscribed here. When you said "per user", did you mean it's "per IP" defined in the gateway, or "per concurrent user" actively accessing the internet via the gateway? Not all nodes access the internet at the same time, so we would like to know if the number of licenses should be equal to the total number of nodes, or just enough to accomodate the active users at any given time.


            Are there significant differences between the appliance and the software version in terms of  security components? For sure the appliance would be more costly, but might be worth the extra functionality that the software version may lack.


            Thanks again and hoping for your reply



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              Web gateway license is per IP and its not concurrent.

              There is no difference between software and hardware version expect in pricing (purchase/renewal). You get the same software. In appliance, you are limited by the number of physical ports. In software, you may add as many network cards you want.




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                I see. Thanks a lot!

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                  Please bear in mind that the appliances ship with a different operating system which is not available on non-appliance machines. For Version 6 this OS is optimized to overcome most of the 32 bit architecture limits, e.g. Multi Process environment and optimized Thread stack sized. The OS is maintained by ourselves and completely supported by McAfee. Therefore the troubleshooting process may become simpler, however since the OS is optimized to the product I would always recommend to at least have a look at the appliances. There are reasons to prefer the complete solution.


                  Some featuresi n Version 6 are only available on Appliances. Version 7 will only work on Appliances (or virtual Appliances in VMWare).


                  I think talking to your local Sales representative would allow you to compare which solution fits for your requirements.