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    Scripted uninstall of McAfee Browser Protection Service 5.2

      The Uninstall string for the Browser Protection Service is C:\Program Files\McAfee\Managed VirusScan\Agent\myinx.exe /Script=C:\Program Files\McAfee\Managed VirusScan\BrowseProtection\BrowseProtection.inx /Section=DefaultUninstall


      However when I run "C:\Program Files\McAfee\Managed VirusScan\Agent\myinx.exe" /Script="C:\Program Files\McAfee\Managed VirusScan\BrowseProtection\BrowseProtection.inx" /Section=DefaultUninstall in a batch file or command prompt it does not uninstall or return an error. How can I script the uninstall of the browser protection service?



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          I have read your post.


          you need the script to uninstall browser protection.Please follow the given instructions to uninstall browser protection.


          1. Open the webpage www.mcafeeasap.com and login with your security center.
          2. Click on utilities on the top
          3. under the installation tab, select the second option silent installation to download.
          4. save the vssetup.exe file to your c: drive.
          5. Now click start --> type Run --> type cmd and hit enter to open command prompt.


          Type cd\ (enter)


          6.copy this command and paste


          VSSETUP.EXE uninstall/p = b


          Where P is the parameter and V is the virus scan, F the firewall and B the browser protection. If you want to exclude installation of any software you need to omit that parameter from the above command.


          If you find any difficulties in uninstalling browser protection, you can uninstall browser protection using the mvsunins tool.


          1. Log on to the security center from www.mcafeeasap.com
          2. Click on the tab utilities-> select Migration & Optimization --> download cleanup utility and run the tool.


          Still if you face any problem, please contact our technical support to fix this issue.


          McAfee Gold Technical support : 1-800-937-2237