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    In what order do tasks execute (vs. Policy) - and should I include a Wake up call?


      I have groups that have multiple tasks assigned.  If I have a task A and a task B, and they should be executed in that order, I am assuming task A will execute before task B.  But what if they are named in a real scenario like "Execute this first" and "Do this second"?  I would assume that since "Do this second" would execute first because D is before E. ??


      Also, if I want to force a wake up call between tasks, or even before any tasks, should I put that as a task also?  Again, my naming convention/ order of execution comes in to play.  If I want to execute task A, then B, with a Wakeup call in between should I name them A-Task, B-Wake up call, C-Second task?


      Or do I even need a wake up call in between, before or after?  (newbie!)


      Also, do policies take affect before or after the tasks?  Meaning:  I want to create a group to move PCs into that will Decrypt and then uninstall the EEPC product and agent?  Since the Decrypt is a policy and the Uninstall of the components are tasks, will it try to remove the product(s) before decryption?


      Thanks in advance and best regards,

      Rich S.