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    Decrypt PC and uninstall Agent and EEPC 6.0.2


      I have created a group in my tree where I would like to move PCs into to decrypt and uninstall the product and agent all in one step. I have searched the KB for best practices and have not found anything relevant.  Can this be done this way - in one step by moving the PC into a group?


      What should my policy be configured like for this group and also what should the task be configured like. I would rather do this this way than create three seperate events or functions to reach this goal.


      I think I am on the right track but testing and verifying takes forever!  I am seeking comments and suggestions.  Much appreciated.  Thanks all!



      Rich S

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          I would also like some input on best practices for decrypting and uninstalling the agent(s). I havent had too much success with this so far.

          Guidance would be much appreciated!

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            As am I. Decrypting a laptop and removing the software shouldn't be this hard. Also, it doesn't seem McAfee support really monitors these boards very well.

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              Ok, i've managed to decrypt and uninstall the EEPC software now. After upgrading all components to v.6.0.2 i've managed to get this working.

              Heres my setup.


              I created a top level group in the system tree called "Decrypt & Remove Software". Under this group, i created two subgroups:

              1: Decrypt. This group has no client tasks. The user based policy is set to McAfee Default, and the product policy is set to a custom one i've created in which 'Enable Policy' is unticked. Moving my machines to this group decrypts the client. Whendecrypted i move my clients to the next group down the tree for software and agent removal.

              2: Agent and Software Removal: This group has the McAfee default product and user policy assigned. One client task is configured. The client task is of the type 'Product Deployment' and is configured to first remove the EEPC 6.0.26 software, and then the EE Agent for Windows v. This works. When the EEPC software is removed the client asks for a reboot. When back up, the agent is removed. This leaves just the McAfee ePO agent on the machine.


              Hope it helps you guys.To me, upgrading the software version was key in getting this to work.