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    McAfee Alert False-Positive: JS/Exploit-packed.C


      Anyone seeing trojan name per McAfee DAT 6217/6218 JS/Exploit-packed.C (file name: gdsr(1).js)?


      Per a blog post:

      "The company I work for noted several detections for JS/Exploit-Packed.c on VirusScan today. After some digging I managed to find this page.

      Your gdsr.js file that was being detected was submitted to McAfee Platinum Support, verified as not malicious, and will be excluded from being detected in a future DAT release. Unclear which DAT release it will be, but if you know someone with McAfee they can try it out. It should either be the 6219 or 6220 DAT release (1/7 or 1/8). "


      Do a search via google for: "trojans name is gdsr.js" or "mcafee gdsr.js". I would post the links but a couple of the blogs/ bulletin referencing this is getting tag by McAfee for JS/Exploit-packed.C (file name: gdsr(1).js).


      Any insight on this would be helpful....