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    Mcshield.exe (On Access Scan) Times out & freezes PC

      I have one PC that has a problem with the On Access Scan when opening up any program or even using them.  When opening or running a program the Mcshield.exe process takes over 35% +/- of CPU and the memory climbs to over 200MB before dropping back to 30MB and starting over.   According to the OnAccessScan.log file the process is timing out numerous times before allowing the program to open.  Then if they use the program it starts all over again.  The startup process takes over 5 minutes alone.  If I remove the On Access Scan of the local disk everything works fine.  However all systems are managed through epo so when the policy gets updated the problem returns.


      I have uninstalled, cleaned, and reinstalled McAfee (v8.7 patch 4) two times and still get the same results (PC- Win XP pro, SP3. current DAT file).   The only option is to completly uninstall McAfee at this point.  Any suggestions?


      Scan log.jpg