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    Quality of Videos

      Hi there,


      http://www.mcafee.com/us/resources/tutorials/vulnerability-manager-quicktips-vid eo.html


      It has some interesting videos but the quality is almost none. could someone do something about it?




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          Hi easy1ndian,


          Can you be more specific with your feedback about the quality?


          I know they're planning on redoing some of the videos, but I don't know which ones. We will also be cross-posting some in the community going forward.

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            Hi April,


            In my opinion, all of them. The videos are blurry. The same is true for currently posted videos in the forum. I tried both full screen and box; still same. I guess they are recording it in high resolution and later downgrade to lower resolutions for posting which makes smaller text unreadable and screen blurry. McAfee's youtube channel videos are comparatively better especially when I use 720p.







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