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    Safeboot Problem!



      I have a problem with safeboot software. i have one computer that have a damage windows and  does not boot up, this data in this computer is very important is there a way to get this data of this computer i have the safeboot password.


      i have try i lot of things but i dont get results


      Description of the problem


      the computer turn on i put the safeboot password and the a black screen appear saying:

      ‘’Resetting Hardware …

      Starting Operating System …

      Error Loading Operating System_


      and i can not get the info.


      thanks in advance

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          Call your IT helpdesk, they will be able to help you here. Sounds like you have a corrupt Windows install as you say.

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            Are you planning to do all recovery yourself? Are you familiar with SafeTech/WinTech tools and have administrative access to Endpoint Encryption Manager application to export machine object information?

            If not, contact your IT support or McAfee Support for assistance. If you have "tried many things" then you, most likely, have made situation much worse than it was in the beginning.

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              well what i have do is remove the hard drive and try to view files with ubuntu but only appear a some files that are not the system files and then i try to view the files in other computer with the same windows but nothing its appear a dialog say that the disk its not formatted asking for formating, of course i didnt do it... and the problem is that i dont have the wintech cd/dvd to recover the files because i have safeboot for more than 3 years...

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                Thank you for clarifying your position.

                I think it would be best if you contact your IT support or McAfee Support for assistance.

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                  Thanks for your help.

                  but is possible to you think that my IT Support tell me that they have to pay a "Few thousand of Dollars" to fix this.

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                    no, I don't think that's possible - McAfee certainly won't charge them anything, and they should already have been through training etc - why would it cost them anything to fix this problem?

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                      they told me that They will need to outsource it to another company to recover the files.


                      so can you help me to get the correct person to call or communicate, all documentation will be available as request.


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                        your IT team just need to call their McAfee reseller and ask for support, or call whoever is supplying support for this product (may be McAfee, may be someone else). Fixing it is not something you can do yourself without your SDB file and the right version of WinTech.