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    MLC Installation on Server 2008


      I am seemingly unable to install MLC 1.0.0 on a 2008 server.


      Checking the product guide, it states in the System Requirements section that the target should be "Windows 2003 Server with Service Pack 1 or greater", which at face value could suggest that it is only designed for 2003 server. However, there are numerous references to 2008 server, including on page 4 of the same product guide (bullet point 4) "Logon Collectors and Logon Monitors are instatlled as services on Winodws 2003 and Windows 2008 servers".


      However, when attempting to run the MLC setup, shortly after the splash screen loads it seems to run a check on the server and comes back with the error:-




      Can anyone explain what is causing this to happen? It's a standard installation of 2008 Server, joined to a 2003 SBS domain, and is playing host to our in-house ePO installation.


      Many Thanks,


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