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    Storm Worm - The FBI does not have access to Facebook

      The Storm Worm continues to try to infect folks by issuing sensational headlines news statements with dangerous links in the body of the email message. Any email URL link is always something to be cautious with, as malicious URLs are easier to get through email filtering controls than infected attachments. Individuals should continue to be on the lookout for more social engineering schemes like this.

      Storm Worm - The FBI does not have access to Facebook
      QUOTE: Over the last few weeks we've seen a bunch of different Storm themes and we don't blog about all of them because it would get pretty repetitive after a while but it's interesting for us to follow them as the group behind them are sometimes very innovative and sometimes fall back on tried and tested themes.

      The latest round which started today talks about FBI getting instant access to Facebook accounts. The file itself is almost a non-event as it's detected by pretty much all vendors already but the theme is new.

      And we've seen them change themes a lot during the last month.

      June 23 - Beijing earthquakes/disaster
      July 3 - 4th of July
      July 8 - US invasion of Iran
      July 21 - New US currency, Amero
      July 24 - Love and postcards
      July 28 - FBI & Facebook