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    Vicious virus/spyware posing as antivirus software and invaded system


      It started with me dozing off while browsing website which I normally trust (google, amazon etc...) and I saw a message popping up saying something like I need to update my antivirus software or such and I clicked on whatever of that message..... (now I am not even sure if I had actually clicked anything!).  Somehow none of my running Avast! or SpySpot detected it or was able to remove it..  (actually both have been disabled by the virus after the infection I think).  I then purchased Mcafee hoping this will solve my problem.


      Yet I had trouble at the very beginning of my installing the Mcafee software-- the real-time scanning mode kept being turned OFF and I could not turn it on.....  I followed thru all the discussions/helps/suggestions and removed all other types of malware protections and re-installed Mcafee-- this did not fix it and then I realized that the reason why I purchased Mcafee in the first place was because of THAT nasty malware/spyware posing as an "antivirus software" and it has invaded my system files (Vista on a sony vaio ) and it some how disabled any anti-virus softwares that are/were on the computer- of course this includes the later-purchased Mcafee.  Since the Mcafee cannot remove the virus..... I couldn't do anything else but to reformat my entire HD and got rid of the virus. 


      I had Mcafee then installed and run properly for several weeks until I was hit again!!!!  (why?)  It started 3 days ago when I was browsing AMAZON.com using Safari (PC) -- a pop-op message superimposed over my page in the browser and asked me to take a "survey"-- I ignored and closed the browser.  Minute later, I tried again and same thing happened; I closed the browser again and then it was too late.  A "windows security system" warning message balloon popped up and said "Antivirus software detecting trojan in your system" and then another balloon showed something began to run and "scanning" my system+asked me to purchase the software..... then it all went downhill-- I cannot ignore that message (knowing it was NOT Mcafee) as it kept popping back up as I tried "X" it on the corner instead of clicking any response in that window... I tried shutting it down and use safe mode Mcafee to scan for virus-- Nothing was detected! (As this point, Mcafee real-time scanning was also “turned-off” and cannot be turned back on!!)  I turned computer back up after the scan, now it is worse than before.  I cannot even use any program-- all I got was an error message!  I recognized the same scamming pattern of these viruses but, now what do I do!!!??


      Please help~