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    Help me with installing AntiVirus Plus 2011 on XP

      Please help me,


      I have a anti virus plus (3 licence).

      I correctly installed it on my Windows Vista PC


      Now I'm having trouble installing it on my PC with Windows XP (SP3 1,73 Ghz / 1 Gb)

      for a short time the message was something like (sorry, didn't write it down) "... make sure you've got Javascript installed correctly and enabled"....

      After reinstalling this message never came up again.


      I have made sure that i don't have any mallware on my PC

      I installed McPreInstall and ran it.


      Each time trying to install the anti virus plus, it stopped and saying: (i have to translate this from Dutch) De safety-functions can't be installed. Try to reinstall the software, run "Mcafee Virtual Technician" or contact McAfee for more information.


      The virtual technician can't find any software (of course not! It didn't install!) I've tried reinstalling about twenty times!

      So you guys are my final hope.

      What can i do??