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    Error Admin Console

      On the McAfee Firewall Admin Console ( Version 5.02 ) I always get an Error on the menu piont "Software Management" and I can't Update to Version 8.1.0 of the Sidewinder.

      But after update with the CLI and Admin Console to Version 8.1.0 the Error is the same. Can is fix this ? I try different PC's with differents Installed OS but become the same Error. The Error comes the first time on January 20111 not on December.

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          After updating to 8.1 I get the same error - I suppose it is a bug in the GUI.

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            Support and engineering are aware of this issue with the Software Management screen in the Admin Console. It is expected that this should no longer occur beginning February 1, 2011 as it will remedy itself. Unfortunately, we do not have any specific details as to what causes the error message.


            It is not anticipated that customers will need to install many, or any patches at all before February, 2011. However, if you find that you do have to install patches of any kind, you may do so manually from command line. If you need assistance with installing patches and/or would like your issue to be tracked by Support, please contact Technical Support or open a Service Request via the Support Portal.

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              thanks for reply. Update on CLI works for me. But an announcement about this error from mcafee would be nice. I found nothing on the kb or so on.
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                I have written a KB article, however, it is awaiting standardization and approval. I anticipate that it will be published shortly.

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                  While you are at it (writing KB articles) ...

                  Besides a post here in the forum I haven't found documentation on how to enable intraburb packet forwarding. Maybe you could add an article for that as well?

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                    The command to turn on intrazone packet forwarding at version 8 is:

                    $> cf agent modify name='TCP/UDP Packet Filter' intrazone_forwarding=yes


                    I just wrote a KB for it, but the text above is all that's in the KB article.

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                      In version 6 and before it was only necessary to enable the function at a burb/zone-level.


                      When v7 came along it was also necessary to create a packet filtering rule.


                      In v8 is it only necessary to run the cf agent modify command, or is it still necessary to have the accompanying rule?

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                        You still need the rule.