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    Music Files - New Codec injection attacks add danger for Multi-media files

      Sometimes one bad apple can spoil the entire bunch. A new injection based codec attack has surfaced which can infect all multi-media files on the hard drive. For example, a malicious MP3 file can be downloaded and if the special fake codec routine is accepted, it will inject malicious code into every multi-media file that is processed. Folks should continue to only use trusted sources for music or video.

      Infectious Music, Malware-Style

      QUOTE: A malware that infects multimedia files, modifying them to require the download of a fake codec when played had recently been discovered. It infects widely used multimedia file formats such as MP3, WMA and WMV video files by injecting a malicious code. The said malware is also capable of converting files such as MP2 and MP3 into Windows Media Audio (WMA) format. When a user tries to play an infected file, a pop-up message is displayed, asking the user to download a certain codec in order to play the file. The downloaded codec is of course, nothing else but malware.

      But this malware takes it to a new, and more dangerous level; it manipulates a person’s multimedia files and uses it against them. People normally keep thousands of multimedia files on their systems, especially MP3s. If each file is infected by the malware then shared through a P2P network, then the user unknowingly turns into a malware host.