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    update problem

      what causes update not to install when it checks then i look and it didnt update but it says like update check at 8:00 pm then it checks and it says next one at 12: 00 but it did not update but if i manually check it updates any one help plz

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          Updates would be installed only if your programs are out of date (or) if there is really an update available. But when you say update problem, is your programs not updating at all? What is the version of McAfee Virus Scan in your computer (mention DAT and Engine details as well)…

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            it will update only if i manually check it normally updates around 8:00 pm but it checked and did not update then i manually checked and it updates

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              Please try the following:


              1.    Make sure you use internet explorer as your default browser

              2.    Delete all the Windows/ Internet temporary files

              3.    Reboot the computer and check whether it updates automatically on the next day