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    Cannot Downlaod Antivirus

      Whenever i try to download antivirus, it starts the download and when it is done it says it was incomplete and that the following was not installed : McAfee Antivirus. I did have a virus, a trojan backdoor, about 2 months ago and i was alerted by the old internet seurity from verizon that i needed to restart my computer. From there i have had some problems and odd hapenings but i eventually downloaded the new verizon internet security. after downloading, it said everything but antivirus was installed. So it came a red alert saying that my computer is at risk and i need to install it. But everytime i got through the process it says it was incomplete at the end to lead me to beleive that something is blocking it from downloading. Alll i need is to run a scan to make sure i still dont have any viruses and to do that i need anti virus. The man of the house says we will have verizon security and verizon only. so dont suggest a new anti virus other than verizon. Thanks and Please get back to me soon

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          Hi Strangee,


          I have understood your problem, not worry though as i shall try my best to get this fixed. There are couple of questions in my mind related to your computer security issue :


          > Do you have any other Antivirus software's installed or did you have any installed earlier.

          > You said your computer is infected by Trojan, so there are chances were that Trojan is not letting the antivirus software to install completely / correctly.

          > Which is the operating system installed on your computer ( Win Xp, Vista or 7)

          > Is your computer up to date. Check this by opening Internet explorer - click tools - click windows update.

          > Check if the time / date is correct or not on your computer.


          Do get back to me with info to go further.



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                As I understand from your Post I hope you're using the security program which was provided by your ISP Verizon and Package name is  verizon internet secuirty powerd by McAfee.    If i am right please try this following steps.



            Step 1 : Ran Verizon removal tool use the following link to do that Click here


            Step 2 : Ran McAfee Removal tool use the following link to do that Click here


            Step 3 : Create New windows test account and try download McAfee.