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    Easy Scan Malware Messages - Critical Error - Damaged Hard Drive Clusters Detected

      I am up-to-date on Windows Vista and McAfee and I have McAfee real-time scanning turned on. I have the green box checked in McAfee stating my computer is secure. I just started getting "critical error" messages on my taskbar. One example is "RAM memory usage is critically high. RAM memory failure." I can end this malware application on Task Manager. I also get the message "Windows - No Disk" pop-up message on my screen.  The company Easy Scan wants me to purchase their software to remove the malware they put on my computer.  When I run the McAfee scan, no viruses are detected.  When I start my computer in the safe mode, the malware is not present.  I downloaded McAfee's Stinger program on my computer and ran it in the Safe Mode.  No viruses were detected.  Does anyone know how I can get rid of this malware?