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    "Error:  0xe0050001  - Issue restoring SB MBR



      Client v5.2.2

      Dell D630

      OS=XP SP3

      Environment = Business

      SB support experience: 4 years


      BartPE w/Wintech-Safetech on USB

      SafeTech v5.2 on floppy & CD

      BartPE w/Wintech on CD


      Been seeing more of the above titled error recently.  It's hit and miss on being able to successfully restore the EEPC MBR.  Sometimes the option to restore is greyed out, if not greyed out, when selected it returns "No SafeBoot MBR is available to restore" or "No EEPC MBR is available to restore" depending on which tool is being used.  .sdb file is confirmed correct by using show workspace/decrypt workspace etc. action.  Some we are able to grab and copy data off of, others I cannot.  Some we are able to remove/decrypt others not.  Just curious if others are experiencing the similar issues with this error and if I'm missing something.  It really stinks to have to tell the users sorry I've done all I can do, next step is data recovery service or re-image and lose your data.  Of course we always "hope" the users has a current backup, but we all know that's just crazy thinking.

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